3 Simple Ways To Puppy-Proof Your Home

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Puppy Proof Your Apartments For Rent Charlotte, NC3 Simple Ways To Puppy-Proof Your Home


You may think puppy-proofing your home means protecting your shoes, remotes and electric cords from an early, chewy demise.


While true, puppy-proofing your home is also to protect the little guy’s safety.


Remember, puppies are babies – with teeth. And they’ll use those teeth to gnaw just about anything. Add to that a baby’s curiosity to get into anything they can reach and that spells danger.


You’ll need to set boundaries, reduce hazards and create a safe space.


By doing these three things, you’ll keep your new fur buddy from a trip to the vet and your favorite boots unscathed.


Set Boundaries


 Limit where your pup can go, both to keep him away from potential hazards and so that you can have an eye on them.


  • Use child-proof latches to keep cabinet doors and drawers shut (especially in the kitchen)
  • Use baby gates to block of hallways, rooms and stairs
  • Keep doors to bedrooms, offices, spare rooms and bathrooms closed
  • Use claw guards to protect doors, furniture, molding and things you can’t move


It only takes a moment’s distraction for your puppy to scamper away and get into trouble.


Reduce Hazards


Reducing household hazards for your pup starts before they ever come home and is a never ending task. 


Here’s a couple of ways to prep your home for your puppy and things you’ll need to stay on top of:


  • Reduce low-lying items - Go around your house looking at everything that is within the little guy’s reach. Move what you can out of the way or to another room.
  • Protect power cords – Pups who love chewing power cords are in for a nasty shock. Hide them, block them or put them out of reach. For those cords you can’t move, consider running them through tubing to keep them safe.
  • Store electronics – Put remotes, gaming controls, phone chargers, etc. in a drawer or box unless you want them chewed up. Bonus, having a designated spot for them keeps them from wandering off.
  • Move plants – Many household plants can make a puppy sick if ingested; not to mention the mess digging in them makes. Move houseplants up and out of the way or to another room.
  • Pick up – Another reason to keep your home clean. Pick up regularly and make sure there’s nothing left on the floor or a low table.
  • Hide the trash can – Avoid the mess and a sick pup by putting your trash can in a pantry or closet. If you can’t do that then get yourself a locking trash can.
  • Don’t forget the bathroom - So much trouble to get into in the bathroom. Move lotions, soap, shampoo and even the toilet paper where your puppy can’t get to it. Use childproof latches on cabinet doors.


Create A Safe Space


Creating a safe space for your puppy is as much about them as it is you.


They need their own area where they can’t get into trouble, feel secure and is safe to put them when you need to leave your home.


The kitchen is always a good choice, with tile, laminate or wood floors for those inevitable accidents. You can use baby gates to block it off. Give them food, water, bedding and toys. You’ll also want to put in a potty pad if they aren’t house trained yet.


Another option is crate training. It’s the safest option for when you’re away and treating the crate as their little safe place won’t make it seem like a punishment.


Here’s an intro to crate training to help you.


So treat your pup like the baby they are – a very chewy, slobbery and high-energy baby. Remember to set boundaries, reduce hazards and make a safe space for them.


That’s all you need to do to keep your new canine co-pilot healthy, happy and safe in their new home.


That and a little puppy luvin’.


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