Your Guide To The Best Gyms In Charlotte, NC

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Where To Find The Best Gyms In Charlotte, NC

Unless you’re hitting the gym religiously at least three times a week, you know you should be exercising more.


Most of us should be.


And it’s not because we’re lazier than we used to be. Humans, like most primates, are hardwired for laziness. It’s true, check out this study if you don’t believe it.


Add in that penchant for couch surfing to a major shift in work, play and entertainment since the rise of the information age with almost everything done in front of a screen and you’ve got a recipe for health disaster.


It’s called the sedentary lifestyle, and studies are showing that it is just as dangerous to your health as smoking.


If you have a hard time finding motivation, a great way to keep that promise to yourself of getting in shape is to join a gym.


With a gym membership you’re invested, because hey, they’re not free. And many people find that working out in class settings or with other people helps keep them accountable and coming regularly.


So if you’re looking for a gym where you can kick that sedentary lifestyle while building muscle and shedding pounds, we’ve found 10 of the best gyms in Charlotte where you can do just that. 


And as a bonus, many of these gyms have free trials so you can check out their programs before you commit.


Here’s a list with links to their websites:


Fitness with an edge. 45 – 60 minute classes with personal trainers focusing on skill development, plyometrics, agility, speed, balance, strength, core and range of motion.


Open 24/7 you’ll be getting fitter, faster with free weights, machines, personal trainers and classes.


A gym for everyone from beginners to veterans. Tons of equipment, classes and personal trainers to help you meet your goals.


It’s more than a gym, it’s a lifestyle. Not only will you be getting in shape with functional strength, speed and plyometric exercises, you’ll push yourself further than you thought you could go.


Strap on your monitor and get ready to burn in the zone with their scientifically-created workouts.


Get in shape while learning how to kick butt with their boxing-inspired workouts.


According to their website: “No fads or gimmicks, we simply execute what works : Our signature intervals are designed to increase strength, torch body fat and promote lean athletic muscle.”


The key term here is anytime. With low membership fees and 24/7 access, you’ll have no excuse not to hit the gym.


Combining athletic inspired training, cutting edge technology and science to give you a next-generation workout. You’ve got options with Nubell weights, Alpha sandbags and  TRX workouts.


Hustle harder with their HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. Whether you’re doing 1 rep or 100, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re hustling.


There’s 10 choices with a wide variety of workouts to get you leaner, meaner and looking better than ever. So no excuses – get your butt to the gym.


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